AESI – AE System International | Leading Independent ISO Certification Body

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Quality Policy

We, the ISO certification body, are committed to providing quality service and satisfaction to our customers. Through our dedication, our services meet and exceed customer expectations, and are compliant with the applicable standards and regulations. We strive for continual improvement of our services and processes, and continuously measure and monitor our performance.

Our quality policy is to implement and maintain a proactive approach to quality management that reflects our core value of continuous improvement, innovation and customer-focused service. Our commitment is to comply with all applicable requirements and to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our systems.

We will ensure that our employees are trained and competent in their roles and responsibilities, by monitoring their professional development and encouraging continual improvement through feedback and training. This will ensure that the customers’ needs and expectations are met in a timely and professional manner.

We will also strive to build a long-term relationship of trust with our clients by providing effective communication channels and responding positively to any queries or complaints. We are committed to providing quality service and will support our clients in understanding and meeting their own quality policy requirements. We will identify and, where necessary, provide the necessary resources and assistance to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of the required quality management system.

As part of our commitment to quality, we will regularly review and, where necessary, improve our quality management processes. We are continually looking for ways to enhance the effectiveness of our quality management processes and will promptly investigate and address any identified issues. We also strive to maintain our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider of quality services.dy

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